Ceiling Speakers

Valcom's distributed amplified paging speakers provide built-in amplifiers and volume controls.

Self Amplified Lay-In Ceiling Speaker Lay-InThe easiest speaker to install. Quickly Replaces a 2' x 2' or 1/2 of a 2' x 4' ceiling tile. More Information
Self Amplified Ceiling Speakers Ceiling Industry recognized for exception performance for voice and music. More Information
P-Tec Speaker P-Tec Wide dispersion of sound to give non-intrusive paging. More Information
Clean Room Speaker Clean Room Ceiling A self amplified ceiling speaker capable of reproducing voice paging in clean room environments. More Information
V-1420 Signature Series Ceiling Speaker High-Fidelity Exceptional frequency response for voice and music reproduction. More Information
Vandal Resistant Speaker Vandal-Resistant Surface mount speaker in a sturdy steel housing with tamper resistant screws and security screen to prevent objects from penetrating the water-resistant speaker. More Information
Valcom Pendant Speakers Pendant Stylish, weather-resistant, high quality pendant speaker for voice paging and background music. More Information
Valcom Track Speakers Track-Style Stylish, weather-resistant, high quality track style speakers for voice paging and background music. More Information
Square Grille Square grille with 8" speaker. Grille can be flush or surface mounted. Suitable for voice paging and background music. More Information
V-936418 Speakers Assemblies,
Baffles and Backboxes
8" Speakers with or without grilles. More Information
Bridges Speaker Accessories Bridges, Backboxes and Support Rings. More Information
Easy Selection Consideration
  • One-Way or Talkback
  • Indoor, Outdoor or Industrial Environments
  • Area to be Paged in Square Feet
  • Determine Ceiling Heights & Type
  • Noise Levels