Step 3 - Select A Power Supply

Built-in power is often included in the Page Control, so an additional power supply may not be needed. The amount of power required for a paging system is based on the quantity and type of Page Control and Speakers/Horns selected.

Easy Selection Considerations:

Products provide or consume power and are assigned a Valcom Power Unit (VPU):

Power Provided + # or Power Consumed - #

Simply Total All


a.  Page Control VPU's 1 x 30  =   +30 VPU Provided
b.  Speaker/Horn VPU's 1 x -15 =   -15 VPU Consumed
c.  Subtract b. from a. =   +15 VPU's Left Over
  No Power Supply Needed!
  • Have VPU's Left Over - You Can Add More Speakers!
  • Need More - Simply Select a Power Supply with Enough VPU's to Make Up the Difference