Speaker clock Kit
InformaCast Analog Speaker Clock

Kit includes 2x2 Lay-In Ceiling Speaker and an Analog or Digital Clock.

IP Talkback Lay-In Speaker/Analog Clock Kit

IP Talkback Lay-In Speaker/Digital Clock Kit
Price: $499*

Wall Speaker and Clock Kit
Wall Speaker Analog Clock Kit

Kit includes Wall Speaker and an Analog or Digital Clock.

IP Talkback Wall Speaker/Analog Clock Kit

IP Talkback Wall Speaker/Digital Clock Kit
Price: $499*

Analog White Speaker Clock

IP Talkback Flush Mount - Speaker/Digital Clock
Price: $589*

Analog Clock Speaker Combo

IP Talkback Flush Mount - Speaker/Analog Clock
Price: $539*

*See Accessories for Optional Backboxes 
Recessed, Angledor Surface Mounting

*Typical Wholesale Pricing

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Call Switches

Supports Call Switches and Panic Buttons