VPU Calculator

The Valcom Power Unit (VPU) calculator is an easy-to-use tool to assist you with the minimum power supply requirements in your system design. Simply select the products and quantities including speakers, horns, accessories, and paging controller to be utilized in your application.

Based upon your VPU total, select the quantity and power supplies needed.

  • The total power selected must meet or exceed the total VPU required
  • If utilizing IDF's for power distribution to connect speakers, simply calculate each IDF separately (speakers, horns, accessories) to determine power requirements per IDF
Power Selection Calculator
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Quantity Power Supply VPUs Description VPU's
VP-624D (+12) 600mA, 24 Vdc 0
VP-1124D (+20) 1 Amp, 24 Vdc 0
VP-2124D (+40) 2 Amp, 24 Vdc 0
VP-4124D (+80) 4 Amp, 24 Vdc 0
VP-6124 (+120) 6 Amp, 24Vdc 0
VP-12124 (+240) 12 Amp, 24 Vdc 0
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