Clocks FAQs

When I am using a Valcom MultiPath, Class Connection ES, or V-2924A as master clock, what correction scheme do I use?

In both cases type 1 correction should be used.

Can I mix analog and digital clocks on the same cable pull?

Yes. As long as you observe the wiring guidelines provided in the wire gauge guide.

Can I use a single cable pull into a classroom for clocks, speakers and call switch?

Yes, assuming that you are using a Valcom intercom.

Can I use the Valcom clocks without a Valcom intercom?

Valcom clocks are compatible with many 3-wire synch corrected systems and may be used to add on to an existing clock system or may be used for new clock systems. In the case of new clock systems, we recommend using Valcom 2-wire digital correction. This correction scheme provides for a great degree of clock accuracy and for immediate clock correction following power failures and time changes. Our V-GPSA GPS master clock and V-WMCA Wireless Master Clock Transceiver all feature the capability to serve as master clocks and when used in conjunction with our V-VCU provide for a complete Valcom 2-wire digital head end. Refer to the product selection guides for equipment selection.

If I am using synch wired correction, what clocks should I choose?

For 110V clock systems, use the V-A11012 or V-A11016. For 24VDC or 24VAC clock systems, use the V-A2412 or V-A2416.

If I am using Valcom 2-wire digital correction, what clocks should I choose?

Use the V-A2412, V-A2416, V-D2425B, or V-D2440B.

What 3-wire synch protocols are compatible with the Valcom Clocks?

Synch-wire 59th minute correction protocol
Synch-wire 58th minute correction protocol
Synch-wire National Time and Rauland protocol

How do I set the clocks to recognize the synch-wire protocol that I am using?

The analog clocks automatically discover the correct protocol. The V-D110xx clocks have jumper settings. If you change the protocol in an existing system, the clocks may take up to 3 days to discover the new one.

What mounting provisions are necessary for the analog clocks?

The analog clocks, and digital clock surface mount enclosures are designed to mount to a single gang electrical box.

Do I have to reset the clocks following a power failure?

No, the clocks will automatically reset to the correct time. Depending upon the correction protocol that you are utilizing, this may take up to 24 hours. Valcom 2-wire protocol provides for immediate correction following a power failure.

How many Valcom power units are consumed by the clocks?

The 24V analog clocks require 1 Valcom power unit each, the 24V 2.5" digital clocks require 3 Valcom power units each and the 24V 4.0" digital clocks require 4 Valcom power units each. When using 3-wire synch correction, any Valcom 24VDC power supply may be used to power the clocks. When using Valcom 2-wire digital correction, the V-VCU must be used to power the clocks. The 110V clocks are not rated in power units.

Can I use multiple V-VCUs for systems requiring more than 120 Valcom power units?

Absolutely. The clock driver output of a V-VCU may be connected to the data input(s) of other V-VCUs in order to facilitate large distributed clock systems.

Can I connect the clocks using UTP wiring?

You can use UTP to connect the 24VDC clocks. Follow the wire length guidelines found on When using 110V clocks, follow the guidelines of your local electrical code - do not wire 110V clocks with UTP type wiring.

How are the PoE clocks powered?

The Valcom clocks use Power over Ethernet (PoE), and are compliant with IEEE standard 802.3af. The power may be supplied by a LAN switch with PoE capability. If the LAN switch does not have PoE, a midspan power injector may be used.

How do they synchronize their time?

The Valcom PoE clocks use Network Time Protocol (NTP) to receive time from any NTP server. The NTP server can be located on an internal (private) network or on the public Internet.

How many clocks can be put on a given circuit? How much power do the clocks require?

Each Valcom PoE clock will require one Ethernet connection for both data and power. Each PoE port will supply power to one device. Each clock requires about 5 – 7 Watts.

How often do these clocks receive updated time from the NTP server? How long will it take a clock to display the correct time after a power failure?

The Valcom clocks will contact the NTP server to synchronize time within about one minute of being powered on, then once per hour thereafter.

Do the clocks come with software or can be accessed a web browser?

Each Valcom clock is supplied with the VIP-102B IP Solutions Setup Tool. This software tool provides an easy way to program all of the features of the clocks.

Do the clocks need a static IP address?

The Valcom PoE clocks can be programmed with a static IP address, or can use a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server.

How are the clocks mounted?

Valcom analog and digital PoE clocks are surface mounted.