Unified Notification Engine

Valcom’s eLaunch unified notification engine is an incredibly flexible tool that can simplify and accelerate mass notification functions within your
organization. As part of a complete solution built with either your existing notification systems like paging, intercom and digital signage, or with any of time-tested products from Valcom’s extensive offering, eLaunch gives you the power to reach the most people with a single click.

Author and launch messages from anywhereAuthor and launch messages from anywhere.
Messages can be authored and launched from authorized desktop or mobile devices from anywhere in the world. Our application suite provides tools for both Android and IOS devices. Messages can be authored with different priority levels. For example, emergency-level messages could be designated to override all other lesser-priority messages that are being handled by the system at the time of the emergency.


Receive and disseminate notifications from external sourcesReceive and disseminate notifications from external sources.
Your system can be configured so that alerts from outside of your organization like natural or man-made disasters, severe weather, and Amber Alerts will automatically be launched through any devices that you specify of your mass notification system. Priority levels can also be established for different types of external messages.


Connect multiple technology platformsConnect multiple technology platforms.
You have multiple communication systems within your organization that are used to keep your people informed. Whether those systems are new or old, with eLaunch software you have the ability to orchestrate how they work together. Systems such as paging, intercom and digital signage can work independently or within a larger group to form a comprehensive communication platform. With eLaunch, delivering messages to multiple devices across multiple platforms is as simple as the click of a button.

One message, multiple endpointsOne message, multiple endpoints.
Now you can reach people where they are. eLaunch allows you to send live, ah-hoc or recorded messages to multiple endpoints such as paging speakers and horns, LED signs, computer screen pop-ups and web portals. By sending the same message to multiple endpoints you are reducing the error for any miscommunication that may happen by having to send the message individually to several outlets.


Cost effective and efficient infrastructureCost effective and efficient infrastructure.
Since you are using your existing infrastructure, your legacy systems become interoperable when eLaunch is installed, so you save money by not buying additional equipment to build an entirely new system. With our eLaunch software you have IP control of existing speakers, horns, LED signs and other systems you have in place so that you have a centralized system that can be managed from one location.