Spot SoundMasking™

Your patients depend on you for their medical needs, and they trust you to make the best possible decisions for their health. Patients also trust you to keep their health information private. For medical professionals, protecting a patient’s information isn’t just a law they need to uphold, it also helps establish trust between patients and doctors, and peace of mind for patients knowing their information is protected.

Valcom’s spot sound masking technology allows you to create a curtain of audible noise that aids in masking conversations that can be easily overheard in hallways and exam rooms. Our spot sound masking speaker is an inexpensive approach for hospitals, doctor’s offices and assistant living facilities. The speaker is easily installed and works as the sound source and amplifier, so no additional equipment is necessary. The spot sound masking speaker is separate from your overall communication system, so when a page is required the sound coming from the speaker isn’t interrupted and helps you remain compliant with the HIPAA Act.

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Spot SoundMasking