Mass Notification

Medical facilities are accustomed to reacting to critical situations that happen every day. Accidents, illnesses and medical emergencies flow into these places in a steady stream. But what happens when your site becomes the center of a dangerous unforeseen event? Can you instantly alert employees, patients and visitors? Your communication systems must be reliable and far-reaching enough to instantly deploy critical information to various channels providing instructions for individuals to act upon.

Valcom’s Mass Notification platform is capable of integrating your existing notification tools to become one comprehensive mass notification system. This system can send live or pre-recorded messages and emergency notifications to various end points such as paging loudspeakers, LED signs, email, computer screen pop ups, smart phones and social media throughout your organization.

Mass Notification

Start with Valcom’s eLaunch™, a CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) software that is the ideal first building block to construct your mass notification system around. This powerful product is a single launch point for emergency alerting, allowing you to quickly and easily send important messages to one building, or hundreds of locations.

Next, choose from Valcom’s vast product line of reliable hardware to deliver these messages, like Valcom IP HelpPoints, paging systems and LED signs. You can also integrate many of your existing systems like IP phone systems, radios and LCD monitors.

We know that your needs are unique. We have the experience, application knowledge as well as the hardware and software tools to help you design the perfect solution for your needs.

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