Visual Messaging

Communicating with people on a daily basis goes through many avenues. Phones, text messages, social media, instant messaging, email and other means are the standard in today’s world, especially on college campuses. But, we know that we don’t always hear the phone ring or see the notification pop up. So how do you reach students who have turned off their phones while they are attending classes? Enter visual cues. Visual cues are an important component to alerting students to important daily messages or emergency notifications, and should be considered as a part of a university’s overall communication plan.

Valcom’s IP LED visual messaging displays and strobe lights can enhance your ability to inform you students, faculty and staff members of  important messages. The IP visual messaging LED displays can be designed to broadcast visual and voice notifications, or just visual. Your  organization has the ability to pre-program a message with multiple color, font and transition options to make an easy to read sign that is  visible during the day and night. Our IP LED visual LED displays complement any college’s daily need for visual messaging for daily occurrences, or during an emergency situation.

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