Voice paging

Clever marketing ideas combined with unbeatable deals bring people in, but how do you create a customer experience to ensure they stay longer, shop more and leave satisfied? The customer’s shopping experience has many components to it. First, there is the interaction between the sales associate and client. Second the appearance of the store and finally the overall atmosphere of the retail location. All three of these combined drives the customers opinion of your store.

So, what does overhead voice paging have to do with this?

Valcom gets that you want to go the extra mile for your customers. Our flexible paging systems can help you do this by reproducing crisp, clear pre-recorded or live voice messages so you can share the latest store promotion with everyone within your walls. Use your system to help set the mood and create an inviting atmosphere by filling your establishment with background music. Or, use our code call feature to help direct your employees to areas where assistance is needed without disrupting the overall customer experience.

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