Update Existing Valcom System

Existing Valcom System

Valcom distributed amplified systems are inherently well-suited for flexibility and unlimited expansion. Whether adding system features, or speakers and horns, it’s as simple as our initial 3 Step design process.

Add special features, multiple zones, speakers, or access options to existing Distributed Amplified Systems without changing any existing equipment.

Access paging from Telephone System Loop Start Trunk or FXO Ports, C.O. Lines, PBX Extensions, FXS Ports, or Paging Ports – or Access without a Phone System at all.

See Valcom Problem Solvers for Feedback Elimination, Automatic Volume Control, Horns for Harsh Environments, and more…

Valcom Page Control/CPU’s integrate with any telephone system to add special features, zone multiple amplifiers and provide alternate access methods from the telephone system.

  • No Costly Amplifiers to Add
  • Add Special Features - Background Music, Night Ringing, Clock Tones, Talkback Speakers.
  • Add Zones to Multiple Amplifier Applications
  • Add Telephone System Access Options to Centrally Amplified Systems
    (Page Access from a Loop Start Trunk and FXO Port, Page Port, C.O. Line, Extension andFXS Port, or Even
     without a Phone System as a Stand Alone System.)
  • Provide Feedback Elimination

Easy As 1-2-3

Select A Control/CPU

Step 1

Controls are the "Brain" of the system, much like the CPU (Central Processing Unit) of a computer system and are specifically designed for telephone system integration.

Select Speakers & Horns

Step 2

Speaker and horn selections are based on the ambient noise level, decor and environment of each individual room/area.

Select A Power Supply

Step 3

Built-in power is often included in the Page Control, so an additional power supply may not be needed. The amount of power required for a paging system is based on the quantity and type of Page Control and Speakers/Horns selected.