Valcom’s Solutions for Transportation

A Valcom mass transit communication solution provides high-quality audio, security system integration, and is easy to manage. Simply connect your existing devices and infrastructure to provide a modern IP backbone distributed daily and emergency public address system.

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  • Multi-Activation Announcements

    • Provide important and scheduled information to passengers and staff

    • Ability to access from SIP phones, concourse and gate terminals, Interactive Consoles, security offices, graphical interfaces, and legacy telephone systems

    • Page Stacking ensures passengers and staff never miss important public address messages

    • Announcements include live voice, recorded messages, WAV files, and text-to-speech

  • Use Existing Network to Integrate Legacy PA

    • Connect existing speakers, cabling, and network infrastructure

    • Rapid, cost effective, and simple deployment

    • Software for daily communication and emergency notification

    • Lower maintenance cost, reduces failures, improves reliability, and increase performance

  • Emergency Notification

    • Fast and easy graphical one touch activation for live voice, recordings, text to speech, and Wav files

    • Authorized access from SIP phones, concourse and gate terminals, Interactive Consoles, security offices, graphical interfaces, and legacy telephone systems

    • Interactive Consoles provides added redundancy including emergency overrides and receiving calls from HelpPoints and panic buttons

    • Monitor severe weather threats from local, state and national associations to provide instant public address warnings to passengers and staff

  • Courtesy & TSA Scheduled Announcements

    • Keeps passengers informed and updated with important travel information

    • Simplify daily operations and improve staff efficiency

    • Daily, weekly, and monthly automated public address announcements

    • Integrate with transit partners such as automatic vehicle location and passenger information systems

  • Security / Building Systems Integration

    • Integrate door access control, VMS, security cameras, and building management monitoring systems

    • Add two-way intercom and paging to support camera surveillance

    • Instantly alert passengers and staff if unusual activity is detected

    • Automate and trigger announcements to specific areas, concourses, terminals, or outside areas

  • Intercoms & Emergency Help Points

    • Over 25 different types, styles, and colors for any indoor or outdoor environment

    • Provide passengers and emergency personnel with instant communication

    • Use existing transit network infrastructure and communicate with legacy, IP, and SIP phone systems

    • Monitor and supervise to ensure HelpPoint are operating normally

  • Situational Awareness & Supervision / Notification

    • Maintain visibility and control of your entire transit public address and emergency notification systems

    • Central supervision of activity, maintenance, software and endpoints helps ensure your system is operating normally

    • Notify a single area, one or multiple building, or concourse

    • Instantly notify your emergency response team if an impending threat causes disruption to normal operations, or if a panic or HelpPoints is activated

  • IP / SIP / Analog Horns & Speakers

    • A leading provider of transit public address systems

    • A variety of SIP, IP, and Analog speakers for any interior or exterior area including parking garages and high security areas

    • Over 44 years of providing excellent sound quality and aesthetically pleasing speakers and horns that are reliable

    • Support multiple telephone systems including hosted, SIP, hybrid, and legacy

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IP 6000


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