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Expand your reach

Maximize your resources and empower your organization to streamline emergency notifications. V-Alert deploys with one-click simplicity.

Faster and more reliable than digital path than text messaging and email.

Unlimited use and message capability allows you to send up to 1000-character count notifications, so you are sending one cohesive message as often as you want with no fees.

Easy-to-install, V-Alert is available in both Apple App Store and the Google Play Store and easily installs onto the users iOS or Android devices. 

Unlimited channels and various user types for predefined groups and individual users. 

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Virtual Perimeter

V-Alert now enables you to set a virtual perimeter around an area in your organization. Geo-location gives you the ability to notify certain devices in a geo-fenced location. The geo-fenced location can be combined with channel locations to target a specific location. 

Channels can now be geo-tagged so a perimeter is automatically set so when an alert is activated from V-Alert Pro, people within the perimeter that receives the alert.


Launch from your mobile app

V-Alert Pro works Valcom's notification solutions to activate a scenario directly from the user's phone. Examples of these scenarios can include lockdown, shelter in place and other critical information.

V-Alert Pro allows mobile notifications from Valcom Software Solutions such as VEMASS and IP6000. V-Alert also integrates with other 3rd party emergency notification platforms providing one seamless notification solution.


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