Emergency Management Monitor


Emergency Management

Emergency events are fluid situations and change minute-to-minute. VEMASS gives you complete visibility of all your locations allowing you to provide pertinent, real-time information such as school emergency status, 911 alerting and lockdown confirmation so you can keep people safe and out of harms way.

Real Time Information


Real-Time Information

When an emergency strikes the system automates the ability to send critical procedures and messaging to a specific location in need, while also monitoring individual sites across your organization.

City Map District View

Eagle Eye View

VEMASS gives you a global view of all your systems across the entire organization. Your complete system in one view allows you to monitor devices in real-time. This proactive approach to system maintenance ensures that devices are ready to receive day-to-day and emergency notifications.

Monitor Maintenance

Central Maintenance & Reporting

VEMASS browser-based software allows you to login remotely, access the organization or location specific building to troubleshoot and resolve issues from one central location. Remote maintenance reduces travel and manpower expense while greatly increasing operational efficiency.

Campus Wide Notification System
MAINTENANCE - click to expand

Device Monitoring - Immediately know when a device is offline

Central Maintenance - Manage Valcom audible/visual devices from a central location

Reporting - Export action items to distribute to the team

System Control - Sets zones and adjust volumes remotely from one location

Remote Login - Centrally login to local sites for localize specific programming

EMERGENCY - click to expand

Hold - Hold is followed when you need to keep the hallways clear. Example: Stay in your room, office or area.

Secure - Secure protocol is followed when you need to activate safeguards for people in your organization. EXAMPLE: Get Inside! Lock your doors!

Lockdown - Lockdown is used to secure individual rooms, keep occupants quiet and in place. EXAMPLE:  Lockdown! Lights out! Stay quiet!

Evacuate - Evacuate protocol is used to move people from one location to another or out of the building. EXAMPLE: Evacuate immediately through the nearest exit.

Shelter - Shelter protocol is used to take immediate shelter where you are. EXAMPLE: Tornado! Seek shelter away from windows and doors.

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Modernize Your System

Need a path to upgrade your current system to increase your reach? VEMASS paves the way for you to upgrade your current Valcom system with the latest technology contact us to find out how you implement a new VEMASS system or upgrade.

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