Valcom’s Solutions for Commercial & Industrial

A Valcom commercial and industrial communication solution provides high-quality audio, daily and emergency notifications and manageability. Simply connect your existing devices and infrastructure or use IP speakers to provide a modern IP backbone distributed daily and emergency public address system.


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  • Multi Activation Announcements

    • Provide important and scheduled information to employees

    • Access from SIP phones, reception desks, department managers, security offices, and legacy telephones

    • Never miss an important message with Page Stacking

    • Announcements include live voice, recorded messages, WAV files, and text-to-speech

  • Use Existing Network to Integrate Legacy PA

    • Connect existing speakers, cabling, and network infrastructure

    • Rapid, cost effective, and simple deployment

    • Software designed for daily communication and emergency notification

    • Lowers maintenance cost, reduces failures, improves reliability, and increases performance

  • Emergency Notification

    • Employee safety is a priority

    • Activate emergency notifications from security offices, reception desks, department managers, safety directors, and maintenance staff.

    • Fast response including graphics, interactive building-campus maps, recordings, WAV files, Interactive Consoles, and text-to-speech

    • Automatically alert employees of local emergencies, severe weather, or national warnings that could impact employee safety.

  • Schedule Tones & Employee Messaging

    • Keep employees informed and on time

    • Calendar schedule break and shift tones

    • Schedule public address messages to help improve production efficiency

    • Safety announcement reminders to reduce unnecessary injuries or lost production time

  • Trigger Automated Announcements

    • Monitor high priority machines, equipment, panic buttons, and peripheral systems that are critical for production

    • Instantly notify maintenance, IT, or facilities of malfunctioning or failed equipment

    • Automate and target public address announcements to specific maintenance and repair departments to reduce down time

  • Warehouse & Manufacture Paging

    • Specialized warehouse paging systems

    • Intelligible and wide area coverage

    • 75% less speakers/horns required

    • Good quality background music

  • Intercom & Emergency HelpPoints

    • Instant two-way communication

    • Use anywhere including wash stations, doors, secured areas, parking lots, garages and service areas

    • IP enabled HelpPoints offer reliability, and are simple to install

    • Several options available including different styles, sizes, colors, vandal resistant and multi-button configuration

  • IP / SIP / Analog Horns & Speakers

    • A leader in warehouse paging and emergency alerts systems

    • Variety of SIP, IP, and analog horns and speakers

    • Over 44 years of excellent sounding and aesthetically pleasing speakers and horns

    • Telephone system access including hosted, SIP, hybrid, and legacy

Made In The USA
IP 6000


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