Valcom's Healthcare Solutions

Valcom's healthcare communication solution provides high-quality audio, security system integration that is easy to manage. Simply connect your existing devices and infrastructure to provide a modern IP backbone of distributed daily and emergency public address system.

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  • Multi-Activation Announcements

    • Provide important and scheduled information to doctors, nurses, staff, patients, and visitors

    • Ability to access from SIP phones, operators, nurse stations, security offices, and legacy telephones

    • Never miss an important public address announcement with Page Stacking

    • Announcements include live voice, recorded messages, WAV files, and text-to-speech

    • Fast activation for hospital codes including blue, pink, orange, silver, violet, yellow, brown, white, green and others

  • Use Existing Network to Integrate Legacy PA

    • Connect existing speakers, cabling, and network infrastructure

    • Rapid, cost effective, and simple deployment

    • Notification software for daily communication and emergency alerts

    • Lowers maintenance cost, reduces failures, improves reliability, and increases performance

  • Emergency Notification

    • Fast and easy graphical one touch activation for live voice, recordings, text-to-speech, and WAV files

    • Authorized access from SIP phones, operators, nurse stations, security offices, and legacy systems. Fire Alarm supplemental voice notifications are possible

    • Interactive Consoles for redundancy including emergency overrides and receiving calls from help points and panic buttons

    • Monitor severe weather, from local, state and national associations to provide instant public address warnings to staff, patients, and visitors

  • Calendar Scheduled Announcements

    • Helps keep patients, staff, and visitors informed and updated

    • Simplify daily operations and improve staff efficiency

    • Daily, weekly, and monthly automated public address announcements

    • Helps staff stay on time and on schedule

  • Soundmasking for Staff & Patient Privacy

    • Fast and easy deployment

    • Speech privacy helps healthcare facilities safeguard patient privacy as required by HIPPA

    • Improve patient satisfaction and enhance the quality of care given to patients

    • Place in strategic locations such as hallways near offices, patient waiting areas, hospital pharmacy walk-up counters or other areas where privacy needs to be upheld

  • Nurse Call & Code Alerts Integration

    • Real time nurse call public address alerts provides critical information to nurses and patient care providers who are away from answering stations

    • Faster response to patients who need help ensure better care and less staff fatigue

    • Code blue and other alerts can be directly broadcast to speakers on specific floors, departments, and areas so the right people can response immediately

    • Greatly improve patient care response times

  • Software Configurable Zones

    • Easily reconfigure public address zones for areas, departments, and floors.

    • No cable changes required when healthcare facility physically relocates departments

    • No retraining required as public address dial codes move automatically to new physical location

    • Full software control and management for all zones including legacy analog systems.

  • IP / SIP / Analog Horns & Speakers

    • Leader provider of healthcare public address systems

    • A variety of SIP, IP, and Analog speakers for interior or exterior applications including clean rooms and parking garages

    • Over 44 years of providing excellent sound quality and aesthetically pleasing speakers and horns

    • Supports multiple telephone systems including hosted, SIP, hybrid, and legacy.

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