Valcom’s Solutions for Higher Education

The way your campus responds to an impending threat can have a profound impact on individuals and ultimately save lives. Valcom’s systems can prepare you for potential situations that require instantaneous emergency alerts to your entire campus.

Valcom’s solutions for higher education include IP audio and visual endpoints and software that integrate into your existing infrastructure and communication systems to provide emergency alerts for outdoor arrays, two-way radios, phones, desktop alerts and other notification endpoints.  

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  • Multi Activation Announcements

    • Provide important broadcast announcements to students, staff, and visitors

    • Access from SIP phones, safety coordinators, campus police, security offices, and legacy telephones

    • Never miss an important public address announcement with Page Stacking

    • Announcements include live voice, recorded messages, WAV files, and text-to-speech

  • Use Existing Network to Integrate Legacy PA

    • Connect existing speakers, legacy cabling, and network infrastructure

    • Rapid, cost effective, and simple deployment

    • Software for daily communication and emergency notification

    • Lowers maintenance cost, reduces failures, improves reliability, and increases performance

  • IP / SIP / Analog – Horns & Speakers

    • Leading provider of campus public address systems

    • Variety of SIP, IP, and Analog speakers for any interior or exterior environment including student parking lots and sports field areas.

    • Over 44 years of providing great sounding, aesthetically pleasing, and reliable speakers and horns

    • Supports multiple telephone systems including hosted, SIP, hybrid, and legacy.

  • Emergency Notification

    • Fast and easy graphical one touch activation for live voice, recordings, text-to-speech, and WAV files

    • Authorized access from SIP phones, safety directors, Interactive Consoles, campus police, security offices, graphical interfaces, and legacy telephone systems

    • Interactive Consoles provides added redundancy including emergency overrides and receiving calls from help points and panic buttons

    • Monitors severe weather from local, state and national warnings to provide instant public address warnings to students, faculty and staff

  • Intercoms & Emergency Help Points

    • Over 25 different types, styles, and colors for indoor or outdoor campus environment

    • Provides students and staff instant communication to emergency personnel

    • Uses existing campus network infrastructure and communicates with legacy, IP, and SIP phone systems

    • Monitored and supervised to ensure HelpPoint is operating normally

  • Two-Way Radio Integration

    • Real time two-way radio announcements

    • Quickly broadcast public address alerts from security and campus police radios

    • Greatly reduces emergency response time

    • Legacy, SIP, and channel integrations

  • Security / Building Systems Integration

    • Integration for access control, VMS, security cameras, and building management monitoring systems

    • Add two-way intercom and paging to support camera surveillance locations

    • Instantly alert students and staff when unusual activity is detected

    • Automated and triggered announcements to specific areas, buildings, campus, or multiple campus locations

  • Situational Awareness / Supervision / Notification

    • Visibility and control of your public address and emergency notification system for your entire campus or multiple campus locations

    • Centralized supervision of activity, maintenance, software and endpoints ensures your system is operating normally.

    • Notify a single area, building, campus, or multiple campus locations

    • Instantly notifies your emergency response team or campus police if something deviates from normal or panic / help points are activated

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