Software Solutions

Introducing a new suite of Software Solutions that simplifies your enterprise operations from day-to-day communications, maintenance management and emergency situations. Our software solutions allow you to have control over your notification platform that you need to keep people safe, informed and on schedule. 

Emergency Management Guy

Valcom Enterprise Management & Emergency Software

VEMASS gives you a global view of all your systems across the entire organization. Your complete system in one view allows you to monitor devices in real-time. This proactive approach to system maintenance ensures that devices are ready to receive day-to-day and emergency notifications.


VAlert Phone Notifications

V-Alert Mobile App

A life safety solution at your fingertips. V-Alert Mobile helps you expand your reach where traditional notification such as speakers, horns, call boxes and LED signs may not be present. Now you can reach people inside, outside or on go. Set virtual perimeters that notifies people with a specific area of a threat or important announcement.


Valcom Earthquake Early Warning System

Valcom Earthquake Early Warning System 

When seconds count, Valcom's Earthquake Early Warning System (VEEWS) delivers ShakeAlert┬« earthquake early warnings to your system so people within your organization can take protective action. As a licensed partner of the U.S. Geological Survey, VEEWS sends alerts to your organizations' devices such as speakers, horns, LED signs and desktop pop ups of impending shaking. 



Prepare, Delivery, Reach, Time

IP6000 SiteManager

The IP6000 SiteManager┬« is a pivotal piece of Valcom's suite of software solutions that enables your organization or school district to run effectively and seamlessly. The IP6000 gives you the ability to layer in additional software such as VEMASS, V-Alert and Desktop Notification as well as provide scalability to accomodate multiple locations and notification paths and devices giving you a solution from start to finish. 

IP6000 SiteManager

IP6000 SiteManager 

How to Implement

To learn more about how you can implement one or more of our Software Solutions in your organization reach out to us directly by using the Contact Us page.