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The Four Pillars of Emergency Preparedness

Lockdown & Emergency Preparedness

When emergencies happen, the situation can escalate quickly. Actions taken in the first few seconds are critical and can be life- saving. Valcom's IP6000 software solution is a key instrument in preparing for potential threats, whether those threats are man-made or weather related. Preparation helps you deliver real-time information to people within your organization so they can stay safe and informed during an emergency. 

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Daily Communications

Schools run more efficiently with a daily communications system in place. Morning announcements keep the school running on time and hassle-free. The IP6000 software allows you to set and amend your calendar throughout the year. Sync your bell schedule, clocks and automate announcements, all of which can be controlled from the school or district level.


You can leverage existing messaging systems with IP6000 to create one seamless notification platform working in concert to deliver time sensitive information to people throughout your organization.

  • Efficient daily communications
  • School automation for repetitive events
  • Browser-based calendars and bell schedules
  • Time collaboration and time management
A Scalable Solution


The IP6000 is a pivotal piece of Valcom's suite of software solutions that enables your school to run effectively and seamlessly. The IP6000 gives you the ability to layer additional software such as VEMASS, V-Alert and Desktop Notification. It also has infinite scalability to accommodate multiple locations, various notification paths and devices giving you a complete solution start to finish.


Notification Paths
Valcom Integration with Other Systems

Notification Paths

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