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During a crisis, most people struggle to think clearly. That is why having scenario-specific plans in place is crucial. Valcom is a leading company that prioritizes protecting people and saving lives. Our emergency notification systems allow safety personnel to preplan responses to various threats, from extreme weather to active shooters. The right direction and timely communication with the right people in the right location can allow individuals to evacuate or seek safe shelter. Our Valcom system involves single action launching, sending scenario-specific voice and text messages to speakers, LED signs, IP phones, computer screens, emails, and smartphone apps, flooding the facility with life-saving instructions.

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  • Wide Area Notification

    • Notify a single floor, one or multiple buildings, and an entire enterprise of locations

    • Instantly notify your emergency response team if normal operations are disrupted, or if a panic or HelpPoint is activated

  • Network Integration

    • Connect existing speakers, cabling, and network infrastructure

    • Lowers maintenance cost, reduces failures, improves reliability, and increases performance

    • Central supervision & maintain visibility of maintenance issues,
      endpoints help ensure your system is operating normally

  • Public Address & Voice Alarm

    • Effectively manage complex facilities

    • Effectively direct voice and LED announcements to specific areas.

    • Locate key personnel in large, densely populated government and military facilities.

  • Preplanned Responses

    • Schedule pre-recorded text and voice announcements.

    • Swiftly launch clear, situation-specific messages to multiple devices.

  • Access Control

    • Integrate door access controls, security cameras, and building management systems to maintain and monitor your facility.

  • Receive Automatic Alerts

    • Receive automatic alerts from official sources, including National Weather Service.

    • Advance text-to-speech engine converts messages into spoken words for broadcasting over speakers and horns.