Valcom Introduces the VIP-895 Series

Next-Level Communication Panels for Enhanced Alerting

Roanoke, Va., (May 13, 2024) – Valcom, a division of Potter Global Technologies and a premier provider of emergency notification solutions, has introduced its newest offerings: the latest Building Communication Panel (VIP-895-S) and the Emergency Communication Panel (VIP-895-E). These cutting-edge systems cater specifically to midsize organizations seeking a streamlined notification solution for everyday and emergency alerts. What sets these panels apart is their ability to deliver robust functionality without the added expense of extra servers.

“Our VIP-895 Series reflects Valcom’s commitment to empowering midsize organizations with efficient, cost-effective solutions,” said Dan Smith, vice president of sales and support solutions at Valcom.” With these new panels, we’re simplifying communication complexities and streamlining emergency notifications so you can reach every eye and ear within your organization.”

The Building Communication Panel simplifies daily communications in organizations. It allows one-touch sending of recorded audio, live voice messages, and text to LED signs and desktop popups. It supports intercom calls to Valcom IP speakers, scheduling of shift and break tones and emergency notifications with PIN code security access. It is designed for rapid relay of information and emergency alerts to multiple departments or targeted groups.

The Emergency Communication Panel, with its user-friendly interface, enables quick alerts to multiple departments or targeted messages, with secure access through PIN codes. The VIP-895-E streamlines emergency notifications with pre-recorded alerts, is ideal for earthquake-prone areas, and is ShakeAlert® compatible, empowering you to respond swiftly and effectively.