Spot SoundMasking™

Security on military installations goes beyond the front gate. Personnel, data and information all need to be guarded on a daily basis. Often times, there are need-to-know conversations that take place and reasonable measures to safeguard that information must be taken to protect the borders and people of America.

Valcom's Spot SoundMasking™ technology allows you to create a curtain of audible noise that aids in masking conversations that could possibly be overheard in hallways or adjoining rooms. Our Spot SoundMasking™ speaker is inexpensive, easy to install and works as the sound source and amplifier in one. No additional equipment is necessary. The Spot SoundMasking™ speaker is separate from your overall communication system, so when a page is required, the sound coming from the speaker isn’t interrupted and conversations remain masked.

Product Information

Spot SoundMasking